Bilingual Counseling and Advocacy Program

BCAP services are designed to assist Latino victims break free from domestic violence and educate them in order to prevent future abuse.

BCAP goals include:

• Help participants understand the causes of violence in relationships, develop individualized safety plans, and learn alternative behaviors to end the cycle of violence.

• Stop violence and/or abuse in Latino families and interrupt the transfer of violent and/or abusive relationship patterns from one generation to the next.

• Provide prevention education and mental health resource information to Latino community groups through their faith-based communities, local community centers, and other grassroots organizations.

• Raise public awareness about the culturally-specific challenges of Latino victims.

BCAP services include:

• Accompaniment and interpretation services at crucial points of contact for victims, such as hospital emergency rooms and emergency shelters.

• Follow up crisis counseling and referrals to long term therapy and other mental health services

• Training and coordination of a small team of bilingual volunteer advocates and survivors of domestic violence to provide interpretation services and emotional support for Latino victims.

• A toll-free Spanish phone line (1-866-442-4627) that provides victims the opportunity to talk to a bilingual advocate and obtain information and guidance in accessing services.